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Special agreements may be revoked for any of the following reasons:

A. Failure to notify the City in writing of significant changes to the wastewater prior to the changed discharge;

B. Failure to provide prior written notification to the City of changed conditions;

C. Misrepresentation or failure to fully and accurately disclose all relevant facts in the sewer use survey form;

D. Refusing to allow the City timely access to the facility premises and records;

E. Failure to meet discharge limitations;

F. Failure to meet a compliance schedule;

G. Failure to complete and submit a sewer use survey when required;

H. Failure to provide advance written notice of the transfer or assignment of a facility currently holding a valid special agreement;

I. If the City has to invoke its emergency provision as cited in this ordinance;

J. Noncompliance with any pretreatment standard or requirement, or any terms of the special agreement or this ordinance;

K. Any other reason that may impair the health of the general public, City personnel or the POTW. (Ord. 2351, 2018)