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When required by the City, each user shall provide and operate at its own expense a monitoring facility to allow inspection, sampling, and flow measurements of the discharge to the POTW. Each monitoring facility shall be situated on the user’s premises. If such a location would be impractical or cause undue hardship on the user, the City may concur with the facility being constructed in the public right-of-way, providing that the facility is located such that it will not be obstructed by landscaping or parked vehicles. The City, whenever applicable, may require the construction and maintenance of sampling facilities at other locations where appropriate.

There shall be ample room in or near such monitoring facility to allow accurate sampling and preparation of samples for analysis. The facility, sampling and monitoring equipment shall be maintained at all times in a safe and proper operating condition at the expense of the user.

All monitoring facilities shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with all applicable construction standards and specifications and City requirements as deemed necessary.

The City may require the user to install monitoring equipment as necessary. All devices used to measure wastewater flow shall be calibrated at least annually or as deemed necessary by the City to ensure accuracy. Any other continuously monitoring device shall be calibrated on a monthly basis.

The user shall maintain an operation and maintenance manual for each piece of monitoring equipment and each monitoring facility that is required by their discharge permit or special agreement. (Ord. 2351, 2018)