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Violations of this ordinance shall be enforced pursuant to Chapter 1.14 SMC as applicable, except as otherwise provided herein.

If the City has been refused access to a building, structure or property, or any part thereof, and is able to demonstrate probable cause to believe that there may be a violation of this ordinance, or that there is a need to inspect as part of a routine inspection program of the City designed to verify compliance with this ordinance or any wastewater discharge permit or special agreement or order issued hereunder, or to protect the overall public health, safety and welfare of the community, then the City shall seek issuance of a search and/or seizure warrant from any court with jurisdiction to issue such warrant. Except in the case of emergency such warrant shall be served at reasonable hours by the City and may be accomplished in the company of a uniformed police officer of the City. (Ord. 2351, 2018)