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WAC Section 246-290-010 Definitions are hereby amended to include the following:

“Compliance Inspection” is an inspection performed by the Cross-Connection Control Specialist to ensure that the approved backflow prevention assembly(s) commensurate with the degree of hazard have been installed, and that the cross-connection to the purveyor’s water system no longer exists.

“Degree of Hazard” means the potential risk to public health and the adverse effect of the hazard upon the potable water system, depending on the type of cross-connection that could occur.

“Facility Survey Inspection” means the consumer’s premises has been inspected by the Cross-Connection Specialist for the purposes of evaluating and identifying potential and/or existing cross-connections, and determining by degree of hazard the required backflow protection necessary to protect the water supply of the consumer’s water system.

“Hydrant Use Inspection” means the inspection, monitoring and controlled use of a purveyor’s hydrant to ensure that equipment or vehicles have an approved backflow prevention device or assembly in place prior to receiving water from the purveyor’s water system.

“Potable Water Supply” means any water supply system intended or used for human consumption or other domestic uses and which must meet Washington State Department of Health Water System Rules and Regulations.

“Premises” means any piece of land to which water is provided, including all structures, occupied spaces, leased or tenant spaces, and any improvements made on and/or to.