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The facility survey inspection is an on-site inspection to determine the degree of hazards present if any, the appropriate backflow prevention assembly to control the hazard, and to verify the proper installation and function of existing backflow prevention assemblies or devices.

A. If a cross-connection exists without protection, the user/consumer will be given a written correction notice that outlines the corrective action required. Based on the degree of hazard found, a compliance date will be determined, and a compliance inspection will be required. Facility surveys may also be conducted from time to time to ensure compliance with this section. The City will notify the local administrative authority of all actions taken.

B. For existing facilities, the City will notify the property owner and/or occupant, (user/consumer) in writing to request an inspection appointment. If there is no response, the City will send a second request certified mail (return receipt requested), notifying them that an inspection of the facility will be conducted within five (5) working days from the date the City receives proof that the letter was received. Pursuant to Section 15.10.130, the City may take action for failure to comply.

C. For new construction, remodels or additions, a facility survey will be completed at final inspection in conjunction with the local administrative authority.