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Prior to engaging in the installation or repair of a side sewer all individuals (except property owners doing the work themselves, on their own property and not generally in the business to do this type of work), partnerships, or corporations shall secure the following licenses:

A. A City business license from the City, good for the year of issue, unless sooner revoked for cause by action of the City Council; and

B. A current State of Washington General Contractor license or any contractor with a State specialty license for excavation. Posting of bonding (as outlined below) and proof of the valid contractor license and liability insurance (see Title 12 for insurance requirement) are required in order to obtain the City business license. Each original license fee shall be as set forth by resolution of City Council. Each applicant shall post a five thousand dollar or one hundred twenty-five percent of the estimated cost, whichever is greater, surety company bond with the city guaranteeing faithful performance of the licensee's obligations to those with whom he or she contracts and evidence of not less than one hundred thousand dollars liability insurance against injuries to persons and damage to property of the City and others prior to commencing any such installation and/or repairs, and such bond and insurance shall be kept in force concurrently with such license.

No licensed contractor shall break, alter, or tamper with any public sewer without the approval and supervision of the City Engineer. (Ord. 1602, 1987; Ord. 1730, 1993)