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A. Unless otherwise specified in this chapter, all standards, definitions, and requirements shall be in accordance with the Stormwater Manual.

B. Plan and Report Submittal. Stormwater site plans, supporting technical analyses, and other required documentation shall conform to the requirements contained in the Stormwater Manual.

C. Where to Submit. All stormwater site plans prepared in connection with any of the permits and/or approvals set forth in this chapter shall be submitted to the Department of Planning and Development Services.

D. All plans, drawings, and calculations designed to control surface water and subsurface water, submitted to the City, will be prepared by a licensed professional engineer, registered in the State of Washington, or by a qualified person as set forth in the Stormwater Manual, and those plans, drawings, and calculations will be stamped showing that engineer’s registration, if applicable.

E. Interpretation. The provisions of this chapter shall be held to be minimum requirements in their interpretation and application and shall be liberally construed to serve the purposes of this chapter.

F. More Strict Standard Applies. When any provision of any other ordinance of the City’s regulations conflicts with this chapter, that which provides greater environmental protection shall apply unless otherwise provided for in this chapter.

G. Determining Construction Site Sediment Damage Potential. Any person submitting a stormwater site plan must also determine the Construction Site Sediment Damage Potential. Qualified personnel must use the rating system described in Appendix 7 of the Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit to determine the site’s potential to discharge sediment.