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As used in this chapter, the terms listed below shall be defined as follows:

“Latecomer reimbursement agreement” means a written contract between the City of Snohomish and one or more parties providing both for construction of utility improvements and for reimbursement to the party or parties constructing the improvements for part of the costs of the facilities by owners of property benefitted by the improvements.

“Owner” means the Owner of real property or the Owner’s representative; provided that for the purposes of executing a latecomer reimbursement agreement, a bond, a bill of sale, and any instrument establishing real property rights, “Owner” means the legal Owner of the real property.

“Owner/Applicant” means an Owner who is in the process of applying for or has entered into a latecomer reimbursement agreement with the City.

“Public Works Director” or “Director” means the Public Works Director and the Director’s designee.

“Utility improvements” or “improvements” means City-owned water, sewer, and stormwater improvements and facilities, including but not limited to mains, valves, manholes, catch basins, pumping stations, hydrants, reservoirs, ponds, and appurtenances.