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An Owner/Applicant desiring to enter into a latecomer reimbursement agreement, for utility improvements, shall submit to the Public Works Department an application for latecomer reimbursement on a form prepared by the Director. The Owner/ Applicant also shall submit a latecomer application fee in an amount established by resolution. The Owner/Applicant also shall pay any processing charges established by resolution. The reimbursement application shall include but not be limited to the following:

A. Preliminary utility improvements design drawing;

B. A scaled vicinity drawing, stamped by a licensed professional engineer or licensed civil surveyor, depicting the proposed utility improvements, the location of same, the proposed benefitted area, dimensions and Snohomish County Assessor’s numbers for each tax parcel within the proposed benefitted area, size of each parcel, and evaluations where necessary for determining benefits;

C. A title report for all parcels within the proposed reimbursement area;

D. The itemized estimate of the total costs for the utility improvements, prepared by a qualified licensed professional engineer, and the estimated percentage of the costs to be assessed to the parcels in the proposed reimbursement area; and

E. The proposed method for calculating the pro rata reimbursement charges, which shall be consistent with SMC 15.17.070.

The Director may require additional information, or revisions to the maps and other documents described above, that are necessary to evaluate the reimbursement application. Before submitting the reimbursement latecomer application, the Owner/Applicant shall request and attend a pre-reimbursement application meeting with Public Works Department representatives.