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A. After the latecomer reimbursement agreement has been fully executed by the parties, and all necessary permits and approvals have been obtained, the Owner/Applicant shall construct the utility improvements, and upon completion, request final inspection and acceptance of the improvements by the City, subject to any required obligation to repair defects. An appropriate bill of sale, easement, and any other documents needed to convey the improvements to the City, and to insure the City’s right of access for maintenance and replacement, shall be provided to the City. The form of these instruments shall be approved by the Director.

B. Prior to acceptance of the utility improvements by the City, the Owner/Applicant shall provide the Director with adequate and appropriate documentation of the actual costs of the improvements and a certification by the Owner/Applicant that all such costs have been paid. In the event that the actual costs of the improvements are less than the Director’s estimate used in calculating the estimated reimbursement charges by an amount of ten percent (10%) or more, the Director shall recalculate and reduce the reimbursement charges and cause a revised list of reimbursement charges to be filed with the Snohomish County Auditor.