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Following a division of a reimbursement parcel by subdivision, City approval or permit or court order, the owner of the original parcel subject to the reimbursement agreement shall apply for segregation to the Director by written application, in a form approved by the Director. The City shall have no duty or responsibility to notify the Owner of the original parcel of this requirement, and shall not be liable for any damages, claims, or liabilities resulting from the failure to segregate. The application shall include a copy of the latecomer reimbursement agreement imposing the reimbursement charge, and a copy of the ordinance, resolution, or other action legally dividing the property. The segregation shall be made as nearly as possible on the same basis as the original reimbursement, and the total of the segregated parts of the reimbursement shall equal the reimbursement before segregation. Upon verification of the legal division, the Director shall approve the segregation. The Director shall cause a notice of segregated reimbursement charge to be recorded with the Snohomish County Auditor. The cost of recording shall be paid by the Owner. After recording, the Director shall cause a copy of the recorded notice to be mailed to the Owner by first class mail and certified mail, return receipt requested.