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Where referenced in the adopted codes, “provisions for work exempt from permits” shall mean this section. Work exempt from permit requirements of this code shall not be deemed to grant authorization for any work to be done in any manner in violation of the provisions of this code or any other laws or ordinances of this jurisdiction. Unless regulated elsewhere, permits shall not be required for the following:

A. Building.

1. One (1) story detached accessory structures used as tool and storage sheds in accordance with SMC 19.04.041; playhouses and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed one hundred twenty (120) square feet; provided, that placement and setbacks of these structures are subject to the provisions of SMC Title 14, Land Use Development Code. A minimum separation of six (6) feet shall be maintained between any structures and the accessory structure or required fire walls as provided by the applicable code.

2. Residential fences, except those located within the Historic Business District, the Pilchuck District or located on or within City right-of-way.

3. Oil derricks.

4. Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, and similar finish work. In general, this includes like-for-like changes of cabinetry and laminate counter tops. A building permit may be required for new cabinetry where additional structural supports are required and for the installation of counter tops constructed of stone, granite, or similar heavier weight materials that can increase structural loading of existing floor systems and require additional structural support.

5. Temporary motion picture, television, and theater stage sets and scenery unless regulated elsewhere.

6. Prefabricated swimming pools accessory to a Group R-3 occupancy, which are less than twenty-four (24) inches deep, do not exceed five thousand (5,000) gallons, and are installed entirely above ground.

7. Shade cloth structures constructed for nursery or agricultural purposes, not including service systems unless regulated elsewhere.

8. Swings and other playground equipment accessory to detached one (1) and two (2) family dwelling units unless regulated elsewhere.

9. Limited grading of no more than six (6) cubic yards cut or fill, related to lawn or garden care only and that involves no work performed within any critical areas or buffers.

B. Gas.

1. Portable heating appliance.

2. Replacement of any minor part that does not alter approval of equipment or appliance or make such equipment or appliance unsafe.

C. Mechanical.

1. Portable heating appliance.

2. Portable ventilation appliances, cooling units or evaporative cooling equipment.

3. Portable fuel cell appliances that are not connected to a fixed piping system, have no structural attachment and are not interconnected to a power grid.

D. Plumbing.

1. The stopping of leaks in drains, water, soil, waste, or vent pipe; provided, that if any concealed trap, drain pipe, water, soil, waste, or vent pipe becomes defective and it becomes necessary to remove and replace the same with new material, such work shall be considered as new work and a permit shall be obtained and inspection made as provided in this code.

2. The clearing of stoppages or the repairing of leaks in pipes, valves, or fixtures, and the removal and reinstallation of water closets, provided such repairs do not involve or require the replacement or rearrangement of valves, pipes, or fixtures causing such work to be considered new.

E. Emergency Repairs. Where equipment replacements and repairs must be performed in an emergency situation, the permit application shall be submitted within twenty-four (24) hours or the next business day of the work being performed and the work shall be left exposed for inspection.

F. Ordinary Repairs – Limitations. Repairs shall not include the cutting away of any wall, partition, or portion thereof, the removal or cutting of any structural beam or load-bearing support, or the rearrangement of parts of a structure affecting the egress requirements, or removal or change of any means of egress; nor shall ordinary repairs include addition to, alteration of, replacement of, or relocation of any standpipe, water supply, sewer, drainage, drain leader, gas, soil, waste, vent or similar piping, electric wiring or mechanical, or other work affecting public health or general safety.

G. Public Service Agencies. A permit shall not be required for the installation, alteration, or repair of generation, transmission, distribution, or metering or other related equipment that is under the ownership and control of public service agencies by established right, except where regulated under other applicable codes or regulations governed under the Snohomish Municipal Code. (Ord. 2414, 2021)