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Chapter 51-51 WAC. The 2018 Edition of the International Residential Code as published by the International Code Council is hereby adopted as amended herein and including Appendix Chapters F, H, K, Q and U. Adoption includes fees as established by City Council resolution.

Section R102.7 Existing Buildings is amended to read as follows:

Section R102.7 Existing Buildings.

The legal occupancy of any structure existing on the date of adoption of this code shall be permitted to continue without change, except as is specifically adopted, regulated under other requirements of the Snohomish Municipal Code, or as deemed necessary by the Building/Fire Official for the general safety and welfare of the occupants and the public.

Section R102.7.1 Additions.

Alterations or repairs to any structure shall conform to that required for a new structure and SMC 19.04.038. Additions, alterations, or repairs shall not cause an existing structure to become unsafe or adversely affect the performance of the building.

Section R110.2 Change of Use is amended to read as follows:

Section R110.2 Change of Use.

Changes in the character or use of an existing structure shall not be made without approval of the Building/Fire Official in accordance with the applicable adopted codes or other regulations of the Snohomish Municipal Code. Depending on the change of use, the existing structure may be required to meet the provisions of the International Building Code.

(Ord. 2414, 2021)