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A. The City of Snohomish is not responsible for the accuracy of plans (preliminary or final) submitted for approval to the Building Department and does not guarantee that plan reviews and/or inspections will detect any hazard, design defect, or code violations.

B. The applicant or his agent shall be solely responsible for verification of all property lines and setbacks in all cases involving new construction, remodel, or addition which would change the footprint of an existing structure, for construction of new fences or replacement of existing fences, and all other circumstances which may impact setback requirements and/or property lines between one or more legal lots or parcels. The Building/Fire Official may require verification of property lines and setbacks prior to permit issuance by having the property owner or his agent stake the corners of his property. Where required, the Building/Fire Official may require the applicant or his agent to provide a survey by a professional land surveyor licensed by the state of Washington. (Ord. 2483, 2024)