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Provided the issued permit remains valid in accordance with SMC 19.04.181, all permits shall expire by limitation two (2) years or twenty-four (24) months from the date of issuance, except where a renewal has been obtained in accordance with SMC 19.04.183. Where a valid permit has been allowed to expire, a new permit shall be obtained.

Where a new permit application is required, the permit shall include the payment of all applicable fees at one hundred (100) percent of the fee schedule as approved by City Council resolution and submission of construction plans and other supporting documentation that reflects City ordinances regulating construction requirements, land use, design requirements, and/or other applicable laws and regulations in effect at the time of submission of the new completed permit application.

Where the work previously authorized has not been completed at the time the permit expires by limitation, the plans shall be revised to reflect the most recent adoption of regulations for those portions of work not yet completed. (Ord. 2414, 2021)