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All structures which must be secured by the responsible person under this chapter shall meet the following standards:

A. Exterior openings shall be properly secured with doors, shutters, grills, and window glazing. Where the normal structural amenities are damaged, destroyed or significantly deteriorated such that the structure becomes unsecure, the amenities shall be replaced or the openings may be secured with structural paneling or medium density overlay. At a minimum, all exterior openings accessible from grade shall be properly secured to prevent unauthorized third party entry.

B. Personal property and miscellaneous debris which may constitute a fire hazard must be removed from the structure prior to securing the structure.

C. If the structure has automatic fire sprinkler systems or fire alarm systems, the systems shall be maintained in an operable condition at all times.

D. All exterior entry doors to structures on the premises shall be posted “Unfit for Occupancy – No Trespassing.”

E. The responsible person shall periodically assure that the premises is inspected and timely take any actions necessary to assure compliance with these standards. (Ord. 2386, 2019)