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A. If a responsible person fails to secure every structure on the premises from unlawful occupancy as specified in SMC 19.06.080 within five (5) business days after a final determination, the Building Official may take immediate action to cause the building to be secured in a manner consistent with this chapter.

B. In the event that the City secures the building, all costs incurred shall be assessed to the owner of the premises as provided in Chapter 1.14 SMC.

C. In securing a structure, the Building Official is not required to satisfy all the conditions of SMC 19.06.080 and in the Building Official’s sole discretion may determine what measures are appropriate.

D. If the City secures a structure pursuant to this chapter, the responsible person shall remain responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and protection of the premises and any structures on the premises. (Ord. 2386, 2019)