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Public comment will be allowed on all Council action items, following staff presentations and Council questions, and prior to Council deliberations. Every regular meeting of the council shall have a “public’s comments” agenda item. Public comments should be to address items that are not listed as an action item or public hearing. Any person desiring to address the Council shall be requested to rise and address the Mayor, state his or her name, relationship to the City, and the subject matter to be addressed. When recognized by the Mayor, the person recognized shall address the Council for a period as set forth in the Council rules of procedure adopted by resolution not to exceed three minutes; provided, however, that the Mayor may, in the Mayor’s sole discretion, extend the time for addressing the Council.

Written comments will not be read by staff at council meetings but will be shared with the City Council if received by the City Clerk’s Office before 3:00 p.m. the day of the meeting.

Where a public hearing is scheduled (whether quasi-judicial or not) all public testimony will be provided to the Council and the Clerk during the hearing so an adequate record can be made. Except for matters of procedure, public testimony shall not be given during the general public comment portion of the agenda and will be reserved for the time of the hearing.

People wishing to comment but need accommodations to do so should contact the City Clerk’s office no later than three business days prior to the meeting to ensure accommodations are in place, to the best of the City’s ability to provide the requested accommodations. (Ord. 2345, 2018; Ord. 2462, 2023)