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A. Appointment. All members shall be appointed by the Mayor with confirmation of the City Council, consistent with SMC 2.06.050.

B. Terms. Members shall serve four-year terms with a maximum of three consecutive terms, regardless of whether a term was full or if the member filled an unexpired term. Term expirations shall be staggered so not all members expire in the same year. A member who has reached their term limit could be reappointed after two full terms have elapsed since their previous service on the Commission. A person appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.

If no qualified applicants are received to fill a vacancy, an incumbent member may be allowed to serve one additional consecutive term beyond three.

C. Compensation. Members shall serve without compensation.

D. Residency. In addition to policy identified in SMC 2.06.030, Commission members must live within the City’s urban growth boundary as defined by the most current adopted Zoning Map.

E. Qualifications. In making appointments to the Commission, the appointing authority shall first seek to appoint persons who are knowledgeable in matters of land development, regulatory processes, comprehensive planning, and zoning, who possess qualities of impartiality and broad judgment. (Ord. 2469, 2023; Ord. 2471, 2023)