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Any person who:

A. Willfully obstructs, hinders, or delays any member of the Emergency Management organization in the enforcement of any lawful rule or regulation issued pursuant to this chapter or in the performance of any duty imposed upon such member by virtue of this chapter;

B. Performs any act forbidden by any lawful rules or regulations issued pursuant to this chapter if such act is of such a nature as to give, or be likely to give, assistance to the enemy, or to imperil the lives or property of inhabitants of this city, or to prevent, hinder, or delay the defense of protection thereof;

C. Wears, carries, or displays, without authority, any means of identification specified by the Emergency Management agency of the State; shall be in violation of the provisions of this ordinance and shall be a misdemeanor, and any person found guilty thereof shall be punished by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) or imprisonment in jail, not to exceed ninety (90) days, or by both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court. (Ord. 2026, 2003)