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Whenever inspection by the Building Inspector of any trailer camp indicates that unsanitary conditions exist or that any other provision of this chapter or applicable rules and regulations of the Snohomish Health District or laws of the State of Washington applicable thereto and in force at the time are being violated, the Building Inspector shall notify the manager thereof in writing of such fact, setting forth the alleged violation, and shall further direct that all such violations be remedied forthwith commencing within twenty-four hours from and after the receipt of such notice and to continue thereafter diligently until such violations have been eliminated.

If after the giving of such notice the alleged violations have not been remedied, it shall be the duty of the Building Inspector and the Building Inspector may in addition to other penalties provided by this chapter suspend or recommend that said license be revoked, but no such license shall be revoked until after a hearing before the City Council at its next regular meeting following due notice given to the manager of the trailer camp prior to such hearing, and in the event the manager cannot be located, then a copy of the notice shall be served upon him by mailing by United States mail, with postage prepaid, to the address given in the application for such trailer camp license. (Ord. 922, 1962)