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A. Franchise right. The City Sewer and Water Utility is hereby granted a franchise as provided herein.

B. Duration. the franchise granted herein shall be perpetual.

C. Rights granted. The Sewer and Water Utility of the City of Snohomish is hereby granted the right to install, maintain, repair, replace and operate pipelines under the surfaces of the streets, alleys and other public ways of the City at locations approved by the City Engineer.

D. Construction Specifications. The pipelines shall be laid according to specifications provided by the City Engineer.

E. Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement. The City Sewer and Water Utility shall indemnify the City and hold the City harmless from any loss or costs due to any claim or liability resulting from the construction or maintenance of the system or the operation of the pipelines in any way. (Ord. 1802, 1996)