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A. Designation. By ordinance or resolution, the City Council may, in its sole discretion, designate a residential targeted area. As required by RCW 84.14.040, adoption of a resolution designating a residential targeted area shall follow a public hearing noticed once each week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper with general circulation within the City, not less than seven nor more than 30 days before the date of the hearing.

B. Criteria. Residential target areas shall satisfy, at a minimum, the following criteria:

1. The targeted area shall be located within an urban center as determined by the City Council;

2. The targeted area shall lack, as determined by the City Council, sufficient available, attractive, convenient, desirable, and livable residential housing to meet the needs of the public who would be likely to live in the urban center, if such places to live were available; and

3. The providing of additional housing opportunities in the targeted area should assist in achieving the stated purposes of RCW 84.14.007, namely:

a. Encourage increased residential opportunities within the targeted area; or

b. Stimulate the construction of new multifamily housing and the rehabilitation of existing vacant and underutilized buildings for multifamily housing that will increase and improve residential opportunities within the City’s urban centers.

C. Other Factors. In designating the residential targeted area, the City Council may also consider other factors, including, but not limited to, whether additional housing in the targeted area will attract and maintain a significant increase in the number of permanent residents, whether additional housing in the targeted area will help revitalize the City’s urban center, whether an increased residential population will help improve the targeted area and whether an increased residential population in the targeted area will help to achieve the planning goals mandated by the Growth Management Act under RCW 36.70A.020.

D. Portion of Lot in Designated Area. If any portion of a lot is within a residential targeted area, the entire lot shall be deemed to lie within the residential targeted area.

E. Amending or Rescinding Designation. At any time the City Council may, by ordinance or resolution, in its sole discretion, amend or rescind the designation of a residential targeted area pursuant to the same procedural requirements as set forth in this chapter for the original designation.

F. The following area(s) meet the criteria of this chapter for residential targeted areas and are designated as such:

1. Pilchuck District Zone.

(Ord. 2366, 2019; Ord. 2454, 2022)