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A. Application. Prior to the application for any building permit therefor, a property owner who wishes to propose a project for a temporary tax exemption shall submit an application to the Director, on a form established by the Director along with the required fees as established by City Council resolution.

B. Complete Application. A complete application shall contain such information as the Director may deem necessary or useful, and shall include, at a minimum:

1. A brief written narrative statement:

a. Describing the project;

b. Preliminary schematic site and floor plans of the multifamily units and the structure(s) in which they are proposed to be located; and

c. Argument setting forth the grounds for how the project qualifies for the exemption;

2. A statement from the owner/applicant acknowledging the potential tax liability when the project ceases to be eligible under this chapter;

3. A proposed form of covenant for review and approval by the City Attorney limiting rental of the dwelling units to low- and/or very low-income households;

4. Verification of the correctness of the information submitted by the owner’s/applicant’s signature and affirmation made under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington; and

5. For rehabilitation projects, the owner/applicant shall also submit an affidavit that existing dwelling units have been unoccupied for a period of 12 months prior to filing the application. (Ord. 2366, 2019; Ord. 2454, 2022)