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A. The City must purchase finished compost products from entities that:

1. Produce compost locally within Snohomish County;

2. Are certified by a nationally recognized organization (e.g., the US Composting Council);

3. Are permitted by the local health jurisdiction; and

4. Produce finished compost products derived from municipal solid waste compost programs while meeting quality standards adopted by the Department of Transportation or adopted by rule by the Department of Ecology.

B. If compost meeting the criteria in subsection A of this section is not available, preference for compost procurement must be given to products sourced as close as possible to the City of Snohomish. Proof that locally produced compost was not available at the time of purchase or was cost-prohibitive must be documented.

C. The local preference requirement in this chapter must be incorporated, whenever relevant, into any contracts entered into by the City of Snohomish.

D. The local preference authorized in this chapter controls over any conflicting City purchasing policies. (Ord. 2460, 2023)