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A. The following businesses shall be exempt from the licensing provisions of this chapter:

1. Nonprofit activities carried on by religious, charitable, benevolent, fraternal, or social organizations.

2. Public utility companies.

3. Any instrumentality of the United States, state of Washington, or political subdivision thereof with respect to the exercise of governmental functions.

4. Garage sales conducted on residential premises in compliance with the City zoning code.

5. Businesses which are specifically licensed pursuant to other chapters in the Snohomish Municipal Code.

6. Businesses where the sale or contract for goods occurred on business premises outside of the City, and the only event occurring within the City was the mere delivery of the goods to the customer or client.

7. Consignors when sales taxes are collected and remitted to the state by the consignee.

8. Persons or organizations that provide three (3) or less rooms or apartments for residential use.

9. For purposes of the license required by this chapter, any person or business whose annual value of products, gross proceeds of sales, or gross income of the business in the City is equal to or less than two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) and who does not maintain a place of business within the City shall submit a business license application as provided for in this chapter, but be exempt from the City license fee. The threshold and fee exemption does not apply to regulatory license requirements or activities that require a specialized permit. (Ord. 1681, 1989; Ord. 2027, 2003; Ord. 2357, 2018; Ord. 2373, 2019)