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A. Application for a business license shall be made by filing an application through the State of Washington Business Licensing Service, in coordination with the City’s Finance Department, giving such information as is deemed reasonably necessary to enable the enforcement of this chapter. Persons applying for a license must pay a fee as set by resolution of the City Council (Resolution 1368, 2018).

B. A business license must be approved by the City before a business commences operation within the City. If business is transacted by one (1) person at two (2) or more separate locations within the City, a separate application must be filed for each business location and a separate license shall be obtained and displayed in each location.

C. The Finance Department shall, when appropriate, refer applications to the Planning Department, the Police Department, or other governmental agencies for their review.

D. If more than one (1) business is conducted or operated on a single premises, a separate license shall be required for each business. Each business owner must make a separate application for license.

E. The filing of an application for a license or the renewal thereof, or the payment of any application or renewal fee, shall not authorize a person to engage in or conduct a business until such license has been granted or renewed.

F. A business license is not transferable. No licensee shall allow another person to operate a business under or display the license issued to their business, nor shall another person operate under or display the license issued to another business. A person who acquires an existing business must make application for a City business license before commencing business within the City with that business. A licensee must report a change of location of the business to the Washington State Business Licensing Service, in coordination with the City’s Finance Department. A change of the location of a business requires approval by the City before business may commence at the new location, and may require submitting a new master application and payment of fees.

G. The City’s decision to issue or the issuance of a business license shall not be construed as permission or acquiescence to conduct a prohibited activity or other violation, and the City shall not be held liable for the actions of any licensed business by virtue of having issued a license to conduct business.

H. Every applicant or licensee shall permit reasonable inspections of the business premises by governmental authorities for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this chapter.

I. License renewals shall be processed by the State of Washington Business Licensing Service in coordination with the City. Renewal of the City license requires payment of fees including handling fees. (Resolution 1368, 2018).

J. If an application is denied, the reason for denial shall be stated in writing. The applicant shall have a period of ten (10) days after a license denial to appeal the same to the City Mayor. Upon receiving such an appeal, the City Mayor shall hold a public hearing to consider whether or not the license should be issued. The applicant shall be given not less than seven (7) days’ advance notice of the hearing. The decision of the City Mayor shall be final, subject only to an appeal filed with the Snohomish County Superior Court within fourteen (14) days following the date of such decision. (Ord. 1660, 1988; Ord. 2027, 2003; Ord. 2340, 2018; Ord. 2373, 2019)