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Reasons for denial of a Special Event Permit include, but are not limited to:

A. The event will disrupt traffic within the City beyond practical solution.

B. The event will create a likelihood of endangering the public.

C. The event will interfere with access to emergency services.

D. The location or time of the special event will cause undue hardship or excessive noise levels to adjacent businesses or residents.

E. The event will require the diversion of City resource(s) that would unreasonably affect the maintenance of regular City service levels.

F. The application contains incomplete or false information.

G. The applicant fails to provide proof of insurance.

H. The applicant fails to obtain a City business license.

I. Inadequate provision for garbage and debris removal.

J. Inadequate provision of temporary restroom facilities.

K. Inadequate provisions for parking.

L. The City and the Applicant are unable to reach terms to sign a Special Event Contract. (Ord. 1922, 1999; Ord. 2051, 2004)