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Except as otherwise provided in this ordinance, the provisions of this ordinance do not apply to transactions as conducted by the following.

A. Motor vehicle dealers licensed under RCW 46.70;

B. Motor vehicle wreckers or hulk haulers licensed under RCW 46.79 or 46.80;

C. Persons giving an allowance or the trade in or exchange of second hand property on the purchase of other merchandise of the same kind and of a greater value;

D. Organizations who obtain their inventories of second hand property solely through charitable contributions or charity drop box;

E. Persons in the business of buying empty food and beverage containers or non-metal junk;

F. Residents of the City when engaging in the sale of second hand property from their own residence and from their own personal property in a form commonly known as yard sales or garage sales, as long as these sales do not exceed a total of not more than four (4) days per year, and not on a total of more than four (4) separate occasions;

G. Sales in excess of four (4) days total per year or more than four (4) separate occasions shall be construed as being a second hand dealer business and shall be subject to all of the requirements of this ordinance and all other City ordinances;

H. Transactions by and between antique and collectible dealers involving any antique or collectible. (Ord. 1678, 1989)