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A. Every dealer doing business in the City of Snohomish shall maintain, wherever that business is conducted, a record which shall be typewritten in the English language, at the time of each transaction which shall include the following information;

1. The signature of the person with whom the transaction is made;

2. The date and the time of the transaction;

3. The name of the person or employee conducting the transaction;

4. The first name, last name, middle name, sex, race, age, date of birth, height, weight, hair and eye color and address, telephone number, and social security number of the person with whom the transaction is made;

5. A complete description of the property pledged, bought or consigned, including the brand name, serial number, model number, initials, engravings, size, patterns, and color, and in the case of firearms brand or country of origin if no brand is marked, type of action, manufacturer of the action if known, caliber by measurement or marking on the weapon, barrel length, type of finish (nickel, stainless, blued, satin or smooth), barrel length, and type of firearm whether it is a rifle, pistol/handgun or shotgun. In the case of jewelry, shape, number, color and type of stones, material of workmanship, whether the item is men’s or women’s jewelry, the type of jewelry (watch, ring, necklace, etc.) type of finish and color (black hills gold, yellow gold satin finish, silver filigree, etc.);

6. The price paid or the amount loaned;

7. The type and identifying number of the identification used by the person with whom the transaction is made, which shall consist of a valid driver’s license or identification card issued by any state or two pieces of identification issued by a governmental agency, one of which shall be descriptive of the person identified, and one which shall bear a picture of the person identified; and

8. The nature of the transaction, a number identifying the transaction, the name and address of the business conducting the transaction, the location of the property and the licensee’s reporting number as assigned by the Chief of Police or his designee.

B. Each dealer who obtains property from private individuals shall keep an accurate record which shall be typewritten at the time of each transaction and an accurate description. In addition, the record shall contain the amount of money paid therefor or loaned thereon, the percentage rate to be repaid on any loan, the time within which said loan or pawn is to be redeemed and the identifying information as previously specified. (Ord. 1678, 1989)