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A canvasser or solicitor is defined as any individual, whether or not a resident of the City of Snohomish, who travels in any manner from place to place or from house to house or street to street taking or soliciting orders for sales of goods, wares and merchandise, and personal property of any nature whatsoever for present or future delivery or for services to be performed presently or in the future, whether or not a sample of such goods, merchandise, or personal property is carried or exposed to prospective customers, and whether or not advance payments on such proposed sales are collected or not; said definition of a canvasser or solicitor shall include any person or party who for himself or for another person, firm, or corporation hires, leases, uses, or occupies any building, tent, or other structure or place within the City of Snohomish for the sole purpose of exhibiting samples and taking orders for present or future delivery of goods or services. (Ord. 952, 1964; Ord. 2447, 2022)