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On receipt of such application, the City Clerk shall refer the original thereof to the Chief of Police, who shall make investigation of applicant’s business responsibility, moral character, and reputation, and if he concludes same to be unsatisfactory shall endorse his findings thereon and return same to the City Clerk who shall notify applicant that no permit or license will be issued, and shall return any cash deposit made pursuant to the above section, except investigation fee. If the Chief of Police finds such business responsibility, moral character, and reputation of the applicant to be satisfactory, he shall endorse his approval thereon and return the application to the City Clerk who shall, upon payment of the prescribed license fee as herein provided, execute and deliver a license to the applicant accordingly, which license shall contain the signature of the City Clerk, shall show the name, address and attach the photograph of the licensee, and shall specify the class of license issued, the kind of goods or merchandise to be sold or services to be furnished, the amount of the license fee paid, the date of issuance of the license and the length of time same shall be in force, and shall contain a general description of the licensee, and the City Clerk shall keep a permanent record of all licenses so issued. (Ord. 952, 1964)