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A. This chapter shall not apply to sales by farmers, gardeners, or other persons of fruits, vegetables, etc., produced, or manufactured by them within this state as exempted by RCW 36.71.090.

B. This chapter shall not apply to the dissemination of ideas and/or distribution of literature for religious purposes with or without charge.

C. This chapter shall not apply to the vendors of newspapers, the chief aim of which is the dissemination of current news, as distinguished from fictional writings.

D. Unpaid solicitors for religious, charitable, and local community service organizations operated not for profit engaged in the exchange of goods for money will be exempt from subsections (f), (g), (i) and (k) of Section 5.36.030; and licenses shall be granted to them without fee upon their compliance with subsections (a) through (e), (h) and (j) of Section 5.36.030. The licenses shall be valid for a period of six months from the date of issue. Tax exempt status approved by the Internal Revenue Service shall be prima facie proof of nonprofit status, and individuals or organizations claiming this exemption without such tax status shall have the burden of proving their nonprofit character to the City Clerk. (Ord. 1392, 1978)