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When used in this chapter:

A. “Taxicab” includes all vehicles used for the transportation of passengers for compensation, except ambulances, first aid vehicles, and other vehicles which are represented to provide medical services to their passengers, school buses operating exclusively under a contract to a school district, and auto stages which carry passengers on a regular schedule of time and rates;

B. “Taxicab operator” means and includes any person, concern, business, corporation, or other entity which owns one or more taxicabs and is engaged in the business of transporting passengers for compensation in such vehicles;

C. “Taxicab driver” means and includes any person who drives a taxicab on a full time or part time basis by arrangement with the owner thereof, and who uses said vehicle for the transportation of passengers for compensation;

D. “Licensing officer” means the manager of the City of Snohomish or his designee who shall administer and enforce the requirements of this chapter. (Ord. 1202, 1973)