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The licensing officer shall have authority to revoke, suspend, or deny any taxicab operator’s permit or taxicab driver’s license on any of the following grounds:

A. Failure to comply and to maintain compliance with, or for violation of, any applicable provisions, standards, or requirements of this chapter or regulations promulgated hereunder, or of any other applicable laws or ordinances or regulations promulgated thereunder, but only after being given a written warning and such reasonable time for compliance as may be set by the licensing officer;

B. If the holder of a taxicab driver’s license is convicted of, or forfeits bail for, any of the following driving violations, whether or not in connection with driving a taxicab:

1. Reckless driving,

2. Driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs;

C. If the license or permit holder is convicted of any felony or any criminal offense involving moral turpitude, intemperance, or drugs or narcotics;

D. If the license or permit was obtained by fraud or if the application therefor contains any false statements, or if a fact concerning the applicant was not disclosed at the time of his making the application, when such fact would have constituted just cause for refusing to issue such license or permit. (Ord. 1202, 1973)