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There is levied upon and shall be collected from and paid as hereinafter provided by every organization conducting bingo, as authorized pursuant to Chapter 9.46 RCW and this chapter, a tax in the amount of five percent of the gross revenue received from such bingo activity, less the amount paid for or as prizes; provided that the first five hundred dollars of gross revenue received per month shall be exempt from such taxation.

Provided further, that no tax shall be imposed under the authority of this chapter on bingo games when such activities are conducted by any bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization as defined in RCW 9.46.020(3), which organization has not paid operating or management personnel and has a gross income from bingo not exceeding five thousand dollars per year, less the amount paid for as prizes. (Ord. 1179, 1973; Ord. 1236, 1974; Ord. 1389, 1978)