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Any adult person, firm, partnership, corporation, association or other group may apply for a fireworks permit. The application shall be in writing and shall be filed with the local fire official after April 10th and before May 10th. The application shall include the following:

A. Proof that the applicant has been issued a fireworks license by the state fire marshal;

B. Certification of insurance in a minimum amount of one million dollars Combined single limit covering bodily injury liability and premises liability with the applicant names as insured, and also naming the City of Snohomish, its officers and employees in their capacities acting as agents for the City of Snohomish;

C. Site map showing location of the proposed stand, including street names, sidewalks, distances from structures and driveways;

D. Sketch of proposed stand showing approximate dimensions and materials;

E. Signed statement of property owner’s permission to place a fireworks stand at the proposed location;

F. Cashier’s receipt showing payment of permit fee and/or clean up fee as established by Council resolution. (Ord. 2091, 2005)