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Consumer fireworks shall not be sold from any permanent buildings or structures. Temporary fireworks stands shall be constructed in accordance with the following specifications, subject to approval by the local fire official and building inspector:

A. Fireworks stands shall be located more than one hundred feet from any place of assembly, gasoline station, storage tank, or premises where flammable liquids are stored, and shall be located more than fifty feet from all other structures;

B. Fireworks stands shall be erected to the satisfaction of the fire department and shall be structurally sound and will have the following:

1. No less than two exits located at opposite ends of the stand. It shall remain unobstructed at all times,

2. No less than two fire extinguisher (water) of not less than a 2A rating,

3. “No Smoking” signs installed so that they are visible on all four sides of the stand,

4. A no parking area of twenty-five feet in front of the stand and within fifteen feet of the three other sides of the stand shall be roped or barricaded off,

5. Fireworks stored and displayed so that the general public cannot physically handle the fireworks,

6. No matches, lighters, open fires, or other sources of ignition shall be sold or stored in the stand,

7. No discharge of fireworks within one hundred feet of the stand,

8. All weeds and combustible materials shall be cleared from within at least twenty-five feet of a fireworks stand.

C. All permits, including these standards, shall be posted and maintained in the stand at all times;

D. Stands shall be removed and area cleaned up by ten p.m. July 9 (five days after sales cease). (Ord. 1622, 1987; Ord. 2007, 2002; Ord. 2304, 2016)