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The party holding the fireworks permit shall operate the fireworks stand exclusively by and through its employees, members or designees. No person under the age of eighteen years shall staff a fireworks stand.

A. One operator shall remain at the counter where fireworks are sold at all times that the stand is open.

B. Operators shall enforce the no smoking rule.

C. Operators shall enforce no parking within the barricaded area described in Section 5.54.100(B)(4) of this chapter.

D. When stands are closed, the fireworks area shall be closed and locked. Sleeping therein is prohibited.

E. No fireworks shall be sold to persons under 16 years of age. All fireworks stands shall post, in at least two conspicuous places, a sign, acceptable in size, form and content to the local fire official, concerning the prohibition of sales of fireworks to persons under the age of 16 years.

F. Only such fireworks as authorized by the state of Washington, pursuant to RCW 70.77, will be sold.

G. A list of all fireworks which may be sold to the public shall be posted prominently and maintained at each retail outlet. The posted list shall be in a form approved by the state fire marshal. (Ord. 1622, 1987; Ord. 1672, 1989; Ord. 1736, 1993)