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The following standards of conduct and operation must be adhered to by an adult panoram:

A. Main Aisle. The entire interior of the panoram premises shall be arranged in such a manner so that each panoram station or device therein is entered from a continuous main aisle at least five (5) feet in width. The only access to a station or device shall be from the main aisles.

B. View. The view from the continuous main aisle of any person inside a station shall not be obstructed except by a door, curtain or other screening device as permitted by this chapter.

C. Doors. The bottom of any door, curtain or screening device shall be not less than twenty-seven (27) inches above the floor of the panoram station or device where the occupant sits in a chair or on a seating surface to view the panoram. In panoram stations where the occupant stands to view the panoram, the bottom of any door, curtain or screening device shall not be less than thirty-six (36) inches above the floor of the panoram station.

D. Restriction on Seating. No panoram station or device having a door, curtain or other screening device at its entrance shall contain any chair or other seating surface unless the door, curtain or screening device has at a location between sixty-six (66) and seventy-eight (78) inches above the floor an opening twelve (12) inches in height and at least twenty-four (24) inches in width which provides an unobstructed view through either open space or clear and clean window glass to the side walls and back walls of the station. Any chair or seating surface in such panoram station shall not provide a seating surface more than twenty (20) inches in either length or width, and shall not be higher than twenty (20) inches from the floor. There shall not be more than one such chair or seating surface in any panoram station. Occupancy of a station or device shall be limited to one (1) person.

E. No Locking, No Holes. Doors, curtains or screening devices on panoram stations shall not be capable of being locked. There shall be no holes in partitions between panoram stations or devices.

F. Interior Lighting. Sufficient interior lighting shall be provided and equally distributed throughout the public areas of the adult panoram so that all objects are plainly visible at all times and all parts of the public areas shall be illuminated so that patrons with normal vision on any part of the public areas of the premises shall be able to read written textual material printed in 8 point type. A sample of 8 point type follows:

This is a sample of 8 point type.

G. Floor-Level. The entire floor area of a panoram station or device shall be level with the continuous main aisle. No steps or risers shall be allowed in any such station.

H. Signage. There shall be permanently posted and maintained in at least two conspicuous locations on the interior of every panoram premises a sign stating substantially the following:

“Occupancy of any station (booth) is at all times limited to only one person. There is to be no masturbation or exposure of genitals in the panoram stations (booths) or on the panoram premises. Violators are subject to criminal prosecution under either state law or local ordinance as may be adopted or amended from time to time.”

The signs shall be conspicuously displayed in the public area of the premises. Letters shall be at least one (1) inch high and be on a sign at least two (2) feet by two (2) feet.

In addition, on each panoram station or device, a sign shall be conspicuously displayed containing the same message as above. The sign on each panoram device shall be of a minimum size of 8" by 11" and the letters should be at least 1/2" high.

I. No Warning Devices. No warning system or device shall be permitted on the premises for the purpose of warning customers or patrons or any other persons occupying panoram devices or stations located on licensee’s premises that police officers or City health, fire, licensing or building inspectors are approaching or have entered the licensee’s premises.

J. Admission. Admission must be restricted to persons of the age of eighteen (18) years or more. It shall be unlawful for any owner, operator, manager, or other person in charge of an adult panoram to knowingly permit or allow any person under the minimum age specified to be in or upon such premises.

K. Employees and Independent Contractors. All managers, employees and independent contractors shall be over the age of 18 years.