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A. The Animal Control Officer may deny an application or renewal for a license, or may revoke any license issued under this chapter, for any failure to meet the requirements of the chapter.

B. In the event that a license application or renewal is denied or a license is revoked for a kennel, the applicant and/or operator may not make a new application for a kennel or facility until such applicant and/or operator meets the requirements of this chapter to the satisfaction of the Animal Control Authority.

C. No person who has been convicted of cruelty to animals shall be issued a permit to operate any type of kennel or boarding facility. Any such permit which has been issued will be automatically revoked upon proof of conviction of the holder for cruelty to animals.

D. The City of Snohomish may revoke any permit under this chapter if the person holding the permit refuses or fails to comply with the ordinance codes in this title, or any law governing the protection and keeping of animals, or if the person holding a permit has withheld or falsified any information on the application for such permit. Such revocation of permit shall not affect the permit holder’s liability to prosecution under this title. (Ord. 2193, 2010)