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A. No place of human habitation nor business within the City shall be permitted to refuse to subscribe to and pay for the solid waste disposal service provided by this chapter. The City Council finds that mandatory disposal of solid waste through a City organized solid waste disposal utility is just as important to the health and welfare of the citizens of the City as mandatory use of City provided sewer and water utilities. The City Council finds that all citizens benefit from the orderly and sanitary disposal of solid waste even though some residences and businesses generate little or no solid waste subject to disposal by the solid waste utility. Therefore, the fact that a dwelling or business generates no solid waste shall not exempt the property owner or tenant from the payment of the regular charges established for the solid waste disposal service.

B. The City Council further finds that because the City is providing for the health and welfare of its citizens by providing water, sewer, and solid waste utility services to its citizens, the citizens should be required to compensate the City or its contractor for all services in order to receive any of said services. Therefore, the City Council shall provide in Chapter 15.05 for the termination of all City utility services to a residence or business which does not meet the obligation to compensate the City or its contractor for all of said services.

C. The City Council may, upon a finding that a particular business or residence receives no direct or indirect benefit from the City’s solid waste utility, except such business or residence from the mandatory requirements of this chapter.

D. It is unlawful for anyone other than the City solid waste collection and disposal utility or the City’s contractor to collect solid waste in the City for compensation. (Ord. 1543, 1985)