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A. Residences and businesses desiring pickup of bulk rubbish or yard rubbish or solid waste in excess of the amounts allowed by regular collection, or in excess of the frequency of regular collection, shall use the City or contractor solid waste disposal service, and shall be required to pay for the additional services at rates specified by the Mayor if the City operates the utility or by the contractor if the utility is operated by contract; provided, however, that if the utility is provided by contract the solid waste service board may review and adjust charges made for special services upon receipt of an application for review of charges from the customer.

B. The City or the contractor may provide special services and/or special rates for low income senior citizens or low income disabled persons. Applications for special services or special rates shall be approved only if the applicant meets the criteria established by the City Council or, at the election of the City Council, criteria established by the solid waste service board. Applications for special rates or special services shall be made to the Mayor or his/her designee, and appeals from the decision of the Mayor or his/her designee shall be made to the Utility Hearing Examiner. (Ord. 1543, 1985; Ord. 2341, 2017)