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A. Required. It shall be the duty of every person in possession, charge, or control of any single-family dwelling, multiple dwelling, commercial establishment, or public agency where solid waste is created or accumulated, at all times to keep or cause to be kept portable containers as described herein, and to deposit or cause to be deposited said solid waste therein.

B. Waste containers shall be provided as follows:

1. Single-Family. For single-family buildings and duplex residential buildings, household refuse containers shall be provided by the owner or occupant and shall not be more than 30 gallons, fitted with two handles and a tight cover with a handle.

2. Multifamily. Multifamily dwelling units shall be furnished with and charged for at least one 30 gallon container per unit. Such container is to be furnished by the owner and/or occupants; provided, that bulk containers may be used at the request of the owner.

3. Commercial. Commercial users generating solid waste may be required to use bulk refuse containers. If the City operates the utility, the type of container used for commercial accounts shall be determined by the Mayor or his/her designee, with appeal from the decision being to the City utilities hearing examiner. If the utility is operated by the City by contract, the type of container used for commercial accounts shall be determined by the contractor.

C. Maximum Weight. Solid waste containers not designated for lifting by mechanical means shall have a maximum gross weight of 75 pounds.

D. Container Identification. All solid waste containers shall bear the address of the premises served by the container in permanent lettering with a minimum height of three inches.

E. Location. No container shall be kept or stored within the confines of any street or public alley in a residential area. In blocks in which there are alleys, such containers shall be kept on private property in a convenient and accessible location adjacent to such alley. In blocks in which there are no alleys, such containers shall be kept on private property without interfering with the reasonable enjoyment of such private property or adjoining property. On the day that solid waste is normally collected, containers shall be placed in a readily accessible location not farther than ten feet from the traveled roadway.

F. Mobile Home Parks. Mobile home parks shall be required to provide central storage areas throughout the mobile home park for the location of solid waste containers. Containers shall be located so that no mobile home is more than one hundred fifty feet from the closest container.

G. Special Containers. All solid waste containers, other than those can type containers used principally for residential purposes, will be provided and maintained by the City if the City provides the solid waste disposal service or by the contractor if the contractor provides the solid waste disposal service. The rates schedule established by resolution by the City Council shall include the charge for use of such containers.

H. Deteriorated Containers. Containers that have deteriorated to the extent of being hazardous to the collectors in handling such containers, or to the extent that lids will not fit tightly or securely, or are so badly damaged and bent that they will not allow free discharge of the solid waste or do not meet the general specifications of this chapter will be replaced by the owner of the container.

I. Frequency of Collection. Residential solid waste collection service shall be provided on a weekly basis. The customer and the Director of Public Works if the City provides the service, or the contractor if the contractor provides the service, shall determine the frequency of collection required for accounts other than residential accounts; provided, that disputes regarding the frequency of service required shall be resolved by the City Utility Hearing Examiner if the utility is operated by the City or by the solid waste service board if the utility is operated by a contractor. (Ord. 1543, 1985; Ord. 2341, 2017; Ord. 2475, 2023)