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Though the following sources of sound may fall within the definitions of a “public disturbance noise” as defined in the previous section, the following sounds shall be exempt and shall not be public disturbance noise:

A. Noise originating from aircraft in flight, and sounds which originate in airports and are directly related to flight operations;

B. Noise created by safety and protective devices, such as relief valves where noise suppression would defeat the safety relief intent of the device;

C. Noise created by fire or security alarms, or noise created by emergency equipment;

D. Noise created by auxiliary equipment on motor vehicles used for highway maintenance;

E. Noise created by a special event as defined in and regulated by Chapter 5.10 SMC so long as the event is in compliance with the terms and conditions of its special event permit;

F. Noise created by natural phenomenon;

G. Noise created by public utility facilities including electrical substations;

H. Noise created from school marching bands while practicing;

I. Noise created by bells, chimes or carillon not operated for more than five (5) minutes in any one (1) hour from the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., but not including such noise as is artificially created and amplified and broadcast via loudspeaker;

J. Noise created by the operation of equipment or facilities of surface carriers engaged in commerce by railroad; and

K. Noise originating from construction sites and activities for a City, state, or federal public works or emergency repair project. (Ord. 2326, 2017; Ord. 2355, 2018)