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A. It shall be unlawful and shall constitute a civil infraction to violate or be in conflict with this ordinance. Each day, defined as the twenty-four (24) hour period beginning at 12:01 a.m., in which violation of this ordinance occurs, shall constitute a separate violation.

B. Any person, firm, business, corporation, or association or any agent thereof who violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to the provisions of SMC 1.01.080.

C. Upon a first violation of any part of this chapter, a notice of violation may issue to the offending person, firm, business, corporation, or association or any agent thereof. The notice of violation shall contain the date of and alleged type of violation. The notice of violation shall be regarded as a warning and no other sanctions shall be implemented. Notice shall be served upon the premises to the highest ranking employee of the business currently on duty at the time of delivery.

D. If after the issuance of a first notice of violation the offender commits subsequent violations, the penalty for each offense shall be a maximum fine of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).

E. It shall be a violation of this chapter for any retail establishment to penalize, discipline, or discriminate against any employee for performing any duty necessary to comply with this chapter. (Ord. 2360, 2019)