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Producing, manufacturing, processing, delivering, distributing, possessing, and using cannabis are crimes under the Snohomish Municipal Code and federal law. Producing, manufacturing, processing, delivering, and distributing cannabis without a state license is illegal under state law. Except as provided in RCW Chapter 69.51A, possessing marijuana in excess of the quantities permitted under RCW Chapter 69.50 is illegal under state law.

The producing, manufacturing, processing, delivery, distribution, possession, or use of cannabis for medical purposes for which there is an affirmative defense under state law is hereby declared to be a nuisance by unreasonably annoying, injuring, or endangering the comfort, repose, health, or safety of others; by being unreasonably offensive to the senses; by being an unlawful act; by resulting in an attractive nuisance; or by otherwise violating the municipal code or state law. (Ord. 2253, 2013)