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The provisions of the following state statutes are incorporated by reference in this chapter:

RCW 9.41.050

Carrying Concealed Weapon

RCW 9.41.060


RCW 9.41.080

Delivery to Minors and Others Forbidden

RCW 9.41.100

Dealers to be Licensed

RCW 9.41.120

Certain Transfers Forbidden

RCW 9.41.130

False Information Forbidden

RCW 9.41.140

Alterations of Identifying Marks

RCW 9.41.150


RCW 9.41.160


RCW 9.41.170

Aliens Licensed to Carry Firearms

RCW 9.41.230

Aiming or Discharging Firearms

RCW 9.41.240

Use of Firearms by Minors

RCW 9.41.250

Dangerous Weapons

RCW 9.41.260

Dangerous Exhibitions

RCW 9.41.270

Carrying, Exhibiting, Displaying or Drawing Weapons Apparently Capable of Producing Bodily Harm

RCW 9.41.280

Students Carrying Dangerous Weapons on School premises

RCW 9.41.300

Firearms Prohibited in Certain Places

RCW 77.16.250

Loaded Firearms in Vehicles

RCW 77.16.260

Shooting Firearms From Public Highway

RCW 77.16.290

Law Enforcement Officers Exempt