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The provisions of the following state statutes are incorporated by reference in this chapter:

RCW 9A.60.010


RCW 9A.60.040(1)

Criminal Impersonation

RCW 9A.60.050(1)

False Certification

RCW 9.04.010

False Advertising

RCW 9.45.060

Selling or Removing Encumbered, Leased or Rented Property

RCW 9.45.062

Failure to Deliver Leased Property

RCW 9.45.070

Mock Auctions

RCW 9.45.080

Fraudulent Removal of Property

RCW 9.45.090

Knowingly Receiving Fraudulent Conveyance

RCW 9.45.100

Fraud in Assignment for Benefit of Creditors

RCW 9.45.120

Using False Weights and Measures

RCW 9.45.150

Concealing Foreign Matter in Merchandise

RCW 9.45.180

Fraud in Operating Coin Box Telephone or Other Receptacle

RCW 9.45.190

Manufacture or Sale of Slugs to be Used for Coins

RCW 9.45.240(1)

Fraud in Obtaining Telephone or Telegraph Service

RCW 9.45.250

Fraud in Obtaining Cable Television Services

RCW 9.12.010


RCW 48.30.270

Insurance Fraud

(Ord. 1763, 1994)