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The provisions of the following state statutes are incorporated by reference in this chapter:

RCW 9.68.015

Obscene Literature, Shows, Etc. Exemptions

RCW 9.68.030

Indecent Articles, Etc.

RCW 9.68.050

Erotic Material Definitions

RCW 9.68.060

Sale, Distribution or Exhibition of Erotic Material

RCW 9.68.070

Affirmative Defenses

RCW 9.68.080

Unlawful Acts Relating to Minors

RCW 9.68.100

Exceptions for Libraries

RCW 9.68.110

Exceptions for Motion Picture Projectionists

RCW 9.68.130

Display of Sexually Explicit Material

(Ord. 1763, 1994)